Educational use of the WestMap Toolbox will typically fall into one of these eight categories:


A tutorial for creating these types of products with the WestMap Tool Box is provided in the Tutorial section of this site. To guide K-University classroom use of this kind of climate information, links for selected examples of lesson activities available online are provided here.  You are encouraged to create your own activities using the Tool Box.   If you would like to contribute successful climate-related lessons and activities that incorporate the use of the WestMap Climate Mapping & Analysis Toolbox,  please contact us.

Comparison of Climate Regions

 time series


 time series


time series & station data
maybe daily map & month map


Local Climate Change

local time series and maps



Local Effects of “Big Picture” Climate  (El Nino)

Explores correlation between El Nino event and local climate through use of real satellite data and local weather information.



Space & Time Study of a Region


HUC's time series & maps


time series across multiple pixels, map


maps and station series or pixels or county


Problem Solving

Investigate regional weather and climate to maximize the chances that a farm in a particular location will succeed.

time series, composite maps, mean maps


Simulation/Role Play to establish water-conservation policies for an area for the next three months given constraining conditions.


time series & composite maps