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During the course of preparing these FW13 files, data errors were discovered in a number of stations. In some cases, the data error disrupts the data formatting, which FF+ will struggle with. There are approximately 300 stations where known errors currently exist (there may still be other errors in the full dataset that we do not about until more detailed analyses are performed). We are continuing to attempt resolving the errors, but it is a manual process, and will take time with no current estimate of completion.

When a station ID is entered and the discovered errors resolved, the output file will become readily available for download. If the station is one in the list of known errors, a FW13 file will still be available, but note that it contains one or more known errors. A message will be displayed reminding of this. We are providing the files in both cases in an attempt to not hold up NFDRS16 regional analyses waiting for these files. It is strongly advised that the data files be examined in either case before analysis. It is at the analyst's discretion to determine how best to resolve the error. Please feel free to let us know of any discovered data errors (

The Excel file contains two sheets – one listing stations with known errors resolved, the other a list of stations currently known to have a data issue. We will continue to update the files as best we can. Thank you for your patience.


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