Program for Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications

Global FWI Monthly Forecast

CFSv2 Forecast Grid Initialization: 2018/01/13

30-day Forecast Means
Fire Weather Index LoopGrid13Jan12Feb14Mar13Apr13May12Jun12Jul11Aug10Sep
Fire Weather Index Anomaly LoopGrid13Jan12Feb14Mar13Apr13May12Jun12Jul11Aug10Sep
Fire Weather Index Standardization LoopGrid13Jan12Feb14Mar13Apr13May12Jun12Jul11Aug10Sep

This product supports the GOFC-GOLD Global Early Warning System for Wildland Fires. Mean values of the Canadian Fire Weather Index (FWI) have been derived from the Climate Forecast System Version 2.0 (CFSv2) model single runs. 30-day mean values of FWI are computed in the following manner: 4x daily data (of temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and precipitation) are first interpolated to hourly; local noon values and rainfall accumulation are then used to derive daily values of FWI using equations from Van Wagner (1985); daily values of FWI are then averaged over a 30-day period. FWI anomalies represent the subtraction of the 30-year FWI climatology from the current 30-day FWI mean values, averaged for the corresponding time periods. The FWI climatology is computed in the same manner described above, although input variables (temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and precipitation) are taken from 30-year CFSv2 daily climatologies. FWI standardized values represent the anomalies divided by the standard deviation. This product is updated on each Sunday of the month.
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