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North America Precip Anomaly Maps

ACIS Precipitation: 2022/08/07

Map All Periods Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 60 days Last Full Month
North America Percentile Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
North America Accumulated Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Hawaiian Islands Percentile Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Hawaiian Islands Accumulated Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Micronesia/Marshall Islands Percentile Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Micronesia/Marshall Islands Accumulated Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Guam/Palau Percentile Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Guam/Palau Accumulated Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands Percentile Gridlast7last30last60lastfull
Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands Accumulated Gridlast7last30last60lastfull

These maps provide percentile and accumulated precipitation for North America based on daily Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN-D) observations as available in the Regional Climate Centers’ Applied Climate Information System (ACIS). The product is updated at 0900 Pacific Time daily. Available maps are for the last 7-, 30- and 60-days, plus the last full month. Not all stations may appear uniformly each day or on each map either because of the 0900 runtime cutoff or they may have a 1-3 day lag in their reporting time. In naturally occurring dry regions such as southern California in the summer, it may not be possible to compute a percentile for a short period such as 7-days; when this happens it is indicated as an open circle.
Pacific Island Observations